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The Party

The Party - Robyn Harding This book isn't bad, but it never really grabbed me. While I don't want characters to be pathetically perfect, I expect them to at least momentarily exceed the author's low expectations penned for them and make at least a few good choices before the story is wrapped up.

For me there are 2 flaws which meant the story never rang true completely. One is the character Lisa. I never really bought the transformation from peace-living reiki hippy to litigious money-grabbing zealot.

Also, the failure of the boy's presence at the party to emerge didn't make sense. Especially after Hannah fell out with this group. I would have liked to see this explored.

However, the bullying and bitching of some of the teenagers rang true.

Parents of teenagers may well find this book quite compelling. On the other hand it may inspire an odd sense of foreboding.