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Waking Lions

Waking Lions - Ayelet Gundar-Goshen On balance I enjoyed this book. I just found it rambled on a wee bit at times. I also found the whole premise of Eitan working day and night over a few months with very little fallout at work other than his colleagues noticing him looking tired, a bit improbable. Such sleep deprivation after a night's work would lead to all sorts of consequences, none of which were meaningfully touched on. The emergence of the consequences for his marriage didn't make up for this, as it was clear this was to be part of the trajectory of the story.

However, I did enjoy the exploration of morality, perspective, context and class. It was really only hinted at during the story, I never felt like I was being smashed over the head with it. Until the end that is, when the story was brought together and their different worlds were leading Eitan and Sirkit to their different conclusions. That was probably the strongest moment in the book and while it only nearly made up for the improbability of Eitan's constant work schedule, it completely made up for any prior rambling of the narrative.