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Every Note Played

Every Note Played - Lisa Genova I think this book will be one of my best reads for 2018. It is a very quick read, but it is likely you will experience a post-reading haunting. It will stay with you.

We all know what the outcome is for ALS sufferers, but Genova takes us on a journey traversing not just the passage of an illness, but also that of a relationship.

With ALS, you don’t have the opportunity of a ‘do-over’. So if you want to make it right then you have to enter the realm of acceptance, forgiveness and taking responsibility. Genova paints a beautiful picture of a family clumsily navigating this and facing up to all their daft decisions made at a time when they thought there was plenty of it left.

In making the telling of the passage of ALS so heartbreakingly real, she beautifully skewers the whole concept of ‘fighting’ degenerative diseases and shows that the real fight is with ourselves to ensure we live well right to the end.

This is a truly wonderful book.