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Autumn - Ali Smith I really enjoyed this book. It took a few passages to get into Smith's style, but once I got it I was hooked. It took me no time at all to read it.

The writing had a rhythm to it at times, almost like it was poetry. This often helped me figure out who was the subject of the particular passage. I really liked the different perspectives, especially the coming together of the perspectives of the mother and daughter.

I also liked the voice it gave to those outside the political process as opposed to those who report on the political process. This story illustrated how this current era of 'identity politics' just doesn't resonate with the lived experience of many in society. Smith underscored how this style of political discourse, as well as the politics practiced by those within the institutions of parliament really serves to alienate those who they pledge to represent and it risks becoming politics and policies by whoever has the best punchline rather than whoever has the best evidence. I think also the playfulness of Smith's writing helped to illustrate this as well and how the serious business of politics is being undone by this process.

I have Winter and am waiting for Spring and Summer to be released so I am looking forward to where Smith is going take me.