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The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness  - Arundhati Roy I do enjoy Arundhati Roy's writing, but I find it requires a different approach. I often find Asian writers have a slightly absurd, almost shambolic sensibility. Sometimes that sensibility feels light and breezy, but sometimes it doesn't. For me, Roy's is the latter. Her writing is quite dense, so my approach is to just ride it & keep reading, even if it feels like the plot and characters are getting away from me. Not everything needs to be explained immediately for the reader to enjoy the characters and the journey. So if you can do this, I think you'll find this book a great read.

Roy takes the reader on a wild ride and gives us a glimpse how society's outcasts see the world around them, including those who seek to oppress them and how they can make a life for themselves.

The story is full of a multitude of believable and fascinating characters trying to find a safe place for themselves. It is in this striving where Roy is able to provoke the readers' empathy for the characters' journeys.

So if you get Roy's writing style, you will also get a novel replete with feeling and humanity.