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Deadly Kerfuffle

Deadly Kerfuffle - Tony   Martin Actual score 3.5

Comedic writing is hard and this one is a good example of this genre. This book is pretty funny and does a good job at skewering hubris. There were a few bits where I actually laughed out loud, which I feel is required in this genre.

The story was both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. It takes the piss out of bumbling law enforcement plods (the pessimistic bit) and incompetent (the optimistic bit), impulsive (a bit more pessimism) would-be terrorists. The tone of the writing, unsurprisingly, calls to mind the writing on Australian TV comedy shows, such as the D Generation etc.

The web that Martin weaves in the plot makes use of familiar ‘dog whistles’ and uniquely Australian tropes as a juxtaposition against modern multiculturalism to tug at our assumptions about ‘the other’, who they are and what they look like. Sometimes comedy is the most effective vehicle with which to make a strong socio-political statement.