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Truly Madly Guilty

Truly Madly Guilty - Liane Moriarty Actual score 3.5.

I enjoyed this book. I was starting to find the circuitous route to the main event tedious, but then Moriarty got there. I also found the book a bit predictably unpredictable and it wasn't too hard to see where the plot was heading.

But there were some bright spots. Clementine's reaction to Ruby's near drowning was very realistic. I have seen the very same reaction from mothers while I have been performing CPR on their toddler.

I also really enjoyed Erika and Oliver's characters. They were flawed but very likeable. I also liked the earthiness of Tiffany and Vid. These characters were far more interesting than Sam and Clementine.

I have swum at North Sydney pool and that passage was evocative of the experience of swimming there.

Moriarty did a good job of portraying the guilt and moral ambiguity that often goes hand in hand with us mistakenly misattributing our capacity to control some of life's events. I wasn't completely transfixed by the book like I have been with others, but these things kept me happily reading it.