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The Nowhere Man: An Orphan X Novel (Evan Smoak)

The Nowhere Man: An Orphan X Novel (Evan Smoak) - Gregg Hurwitz I quite enjoyed this book. It was clearly all about the action, and this involves one man overcoming the odds and prevailing. It skirts around issues such as instrumental violence, or badness employed for good - does it ever truly work? Does it damage those who employ it? How different are they really from those who employ it for pleasure or for other nefarious reasons?

The novel appears to assert that in the short term, the answer to those questions is yes. But this is just a superficial response. If, as the series progresses, these questions are addressed in more detail, this could turn into a very interesting and intriguing story.

I found the section where Evan is trying to get out of the mansion/chalet a bit slow. Consequently I thought this section could have been shorter. But lovers of action novels may disagree. So while it wasn't perfect, it was a good story, albeit one that I would probably recommend to lovers of this genre.