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The Waves

The Waves - Virginia Woolf This book isn't for me. I can appreciate that it is all about loss, grief, change, mortality, the self and how we navigate the world. I can also appreciate that the characters probably aren't strictly separate characters, but rather representations of different aspects of one person. I also appreciate the quality of the writing. But I found a whole book of stream of consciousness soliloquies from different perspectives very difficult to read. It sometimes felt as if nothing much happened, which I know wasn't true, the action was all emotional. But I got lost. The voice never really changed throughout and I found myself skim reading at times.

I still appreciate the intellectual giant that is Woolf, but I'm afraid her dwarfing of me in this respects leaves me nonplussed by her book. As a result I would probably not recommend this book to too many people. However, this hasn't diminished my interest in her personal life in any way and I would still probably try other books of hers at some stage.