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The Boy Who Saw

The Boy Who Saw - Simon Toyne This is a great page turner. The context of the rise of nationalist political parties, some claiming an ongoing inspiration from Nazi Germany is really interesting timing. I love the name Solomon Creed for this character. And I really liked the way synesthesia was conceptualised in this novel and the way it was used to slowly reveal aspects of the plot. Even though I figured out the final twist in the story, I still really enjoyed the story as it was getting there. It's a very good thriller that will hook you and then keep you there.

Don't be put off by the length of the novel, you will get through it in a heart beat. It is a very good read. I couldn't read this everyday, but when I did have an hour to spare, I found that I churned through the novel.

The character Solomon Creed might be a bit unrealistic, but he is intriguing enough to allow you to put this aside. He is essentially a good man, but there is a secret that not even he knows, and that drives him to do what he does. His gift of synesthesia is like a secret language that allows him to navigate this wordlessly.

While the subject matter is dark, and there are depictions of violence, it is not completely overloaded with despair and depravity. It will make you think about whether or not there are some sins for which there is no redemption, or whether even the worst of the worst deserve a second chance and a clean slate.

I haven't read the first Solomon Creed novel, and it didn't hamper my enjoyment of the story at all. However it did make me want to go back and read it, and wait impatiently for the next instalment (oh yes, there will be another).