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Force of Nature

Force of Nature - Jane Harper Actual score 2.5.

I have been thinking about this for a while before I wrote a review because I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t being overly critical, but I have to say I was a tad disappointed with this book.

It is hard not to make comparisons with The Dry, given it was the second in the series. But I didn’t get the same sense of Falk as a character from this book. It was easy to read, but it lacked the punch of The Dry. Falk wasn’t as in the story as much in this one, so I was looking for a bit more, like what exactly was it that the Bailey’s had done, or hadn’t done? What was in the accounts that was so crucial. I know Harper may have been holding something back for the next instalment, but I think she held too much back so it came off a bit bland. I think the plot surrounding the disappearance & the interpersonal stuff was spot on, but maybe condense it a bit more so it had more of a punch while leaving room for a bit more of a teaser.

As a result I was starting to notice things like how did Falk have a copy of Alice’s statements including transactions from the day she went missing? And why wasn’t Falk asked when he last saw her by the searching police? I would never have noticed these things if this story had the tautness of The Dry.