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A Stolen Season

A Stolen Season - Rodney Hall I feel the weight of responsibility, being the first to review this book, but here I go.

This book was very very good. Hall’s writing was very clever with some beautiful passages. I was impressed with how distinctive the narratives were, there is no way you could mix them up. They did come together in the end, but this story is not plot driven.

The most salient uniting factor between the three narratives is the sense that none of the characters are where they thought they would be, and each takes decisive action to make sense of it and get their life moving in a more meaningful direction.

I think the most poignant aspect of the story is Bridget and Adam reconnecting on a much deeper emotional level after physical intimacy becomes problematic. This occurred in the context of Adam deciding to let Bridget go so she can live a full life.

Those who prefer plot driven novels may find the going a bit slow, but I have to say, I didn’t. Hall's writing kept me happily reading, bearing witness to the emotional drama playing out on the pages and discerning the subtle and not so subtle connections between the characters.

In relation to the title, I wasn’t sure whether the stolen season is one that was taken from the characters leaving them in their predicaments, or them taking back control in some way and so stealing back another chance. In truth, it’s probably both.