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The Secret Keeper (Audible Audio)

The Secret Keeper (Audible Audio) - Kate Morton, Caroline Lee I really enjoyed this book. I loved the plot and I liked the journey that Morton takes you on with the characters. I started off feeling a great deal of sympathy for Dolly and found Vivien cold and untouchable. However as the story progressed things started to turn - Dolly turned out to be an unreliable narrator. I know it was third person, but her account became unreliable. And Vivien showed that there was more beneath that cold untouchable exterior. However, Dolly was the more complex and interesting character in lots of ways. Her faults were very human. We have all made errors of attribution in our personal lives. The backdrop of the war echoed the conflict and trials that many of the characters go through in the story. I did figure out the twist well before the end, but the ride was still fun. It has a different feel to the more gothic The Forgotten Garden, being more of a tragedy in many ways. It's the sort of read where you can let go of your expectations and have a good time.