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In the Month of the Midnight Sun

In the Month of the Midnight Sun - Cecilia Ekbäck This is a fantastic book. I love the way Ekback weaves supernatural themes throughout her books. But she never allows her characters to use this to deny their own agency - the bad things that happen throughout the story are done by humans and not monsters, and they spring from very human foibles, not some otherworldly force.

In Wolf Winter, the winter season that the characters lived through was almost like a character in its own right, along with Blackasen. However I felt as if Blackasen took over sole carriage of this role, its presence as an entity in its own right throughout the story was palpable. It wasn't so much summer that played with the characters in the way the season did in Wolf Winter, but rather the light. In some ways it was like a luminating force revealing things to the characters. In other ways its glare made it difficult for the characters to see things that were right in front of them.

The build up to the finale was great. I loved Louise as a character but I came to feel a real sense of compassion for Magnus. Their growing mutual understanding of the other was beautiful to read.

Ekback's introduction of the fourth voice to the story on page 101 was so simple and yet it really packed a punch, just those three words, "There you are."

In some ways it is a much more subtle story than Wolf Winter, but it had no less of an impact. I can't wait to see what else Ekback has in store for Blackasen and its inhabitants.