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The Sellout

The Sellout - Paul Beatty If I felt more emotionally connected to the book and the story I would have given it five stars. Notwithstanding this, Beatty' writing is fabulous. I think what he does best is, with his observations and turns of phrase, show that racism is about power, the denigration and neutering of a sense of, and source of identity that is embedded in a minority group, and that cries of racism that move upwards towards the powerful as alleged 'victims' are not racism at all.

Hominy is probably the most interesting character in that he is searching for a sense of self and can only find it in the language of racism, something which he clearly has first-hand experience of.

So I did really enjoy Hominy and I also totally appreciated the writing, probably some of the best I've ever read, but missed an emotional connection to the story and its other characters. Part of me wonders if that's because, being Caucasian, I have never and I am highly unlikely to ever experience racism. I would be really interested to hear what someone who has, makes of the book.