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An Unremarkable Body

An Unremarkable Body - Elisa Lodato I really enjoyed this book; I t’s a gentle, intelligent story. It follows the lives of one woman, her ‘best friend’ and her family. While it isn’t a traditional thriller, it was a well paced story where the gradual unfolding enticed me to turn each page. And, unlike most thrillers, the focus isn’t on who did it. The embedding of the story within the phrases of an autopsy report was a clever device and served as a reminder that not only was the story a search for what happened, but why it happened. The exploration of this means the reader is given a glimpse into the world of its characters. None of the characters are perfect, they are all flawed and do daft things at different times. They also have their share of disappointments and inability or refusal to see their lives honestly at different time. However, this only increased my attachment to them, made them more real to me and kept me invested in the story.